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Let’s start our introduction by clearly stating what sets us apart from the rest, its simple! We don’t freelance editors, they are handpicked, tested, shortlisted and finally hired in our existing team.

Reason why we evidently disclose that is because we know who our counselors are; we know their strengths, and in what field, we know how they write and in what style would they best be off with and so we trust the work we give them and get in return. Hence your order is not only placed with people who can be trusted, but it’s handed over to people who do their job the best.


Why are we still the best for nearly 10 years?

We deliver what we promise, come rain or sunshine you can count on our key features.


Experienced Tutors not only of 10 years of work with us, but are top notch of their fields


24/7 Customer Service always being on your side, from the time your orders placed till the time you receive your material


Piracy has no place with us, we not only make sure that we get copy free work but we get it checked for Plagiarism before dispatching it to you.


Privacy is our main agenda here, the details we require from you are to the minimum so rest assured it won’t go in wrong hands.


Keeping all your Deadline, the one you give us to work with and the one u have been given by your institute to hand over your work.


Client Satisfaction is our aim, that’s what we are here for, at the end of the day, we’re happy if you’re happy.


We offer smart and smooth solutions for you. You can consult us for assistance and get the editing and proofreading for your work.

Assignment Help

Students receive specific and unique assignment help by Dissertation Square. You will be completely satisfied and pleased with work. We provide best assignment services with experience and expertise. Our editors study each topic thoroughly before starting the paper. Dissertation Square has helped thousands of students searching to buy assignments. Our editiors check all the requirements before delivering the work.

Essay Help

Essays play a significant role in a student’s academic life being any major. We acknowledge this significance to a point that we make sure all our editors’ double check all the material that’s given to them to proofread and edit, keeping every tiny thing in mind when they review your essay, from spelling mistakes and grammatical error to consistency, punctuation and track changes in universities or colleges.

Dissertation Help

Dissertations are one of the toughest assignments one can be handed with, and many times what we think in our mind we can’t bring them out on paper coherently, and when we do, the concept, the arguments might not make sense to a professor who checks tons of dissertations a day. Our dissertation consultants at dissertation square know the challenges of dissertation wirting and editing.

Coursework Help

Writing is an art, and obviously this can be molded in many assignments, one being coursework, while anyone can hand in a coursework but with our coursework help we let you hand in a high standard masterpiece. Our assistance will not only help edit your work but the formatting and structuring we provide you will be unmatched, more logical and a presentable outlook.


Simple and economical packages for you!!

Editing Level

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  • 6 days and above
  • between 3 - 5 days
  • within 48 hours
  • within 24 hours

*Charges are on per page basis


Economical Package

  • £8.99
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  • £ 14.99
  • £ 17.99
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Stylistic Edit

  • £11.99
  • £ 16.99
  • £ 19.99
  • £ 22.99
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Edit, Proofread & Consultancy

  • £18.99
  • £ 21.99
  • £ 24.99
  • £ 27.99
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Meet Our Team

Our team of editors have been top students like yourself at one time and many have been professors, and they stretch to different fields, giving us surety that not only will they complete their task, but that they know what you are actually talking about when they are working on your material. Then again, being in this industry for nearly a decade gives us the added advantage to evolve with time and to satisfy all university needs.


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